Principal Architect Vanessa Fong, an Ontario Architect with over a decade of architectural experience at a variety of scales, from interior design to master planning, established VFA in 2014 and assembled a team of energetic creators with a commitment to thoughtful and beautiful design no matter the budget, scale or medium.

As individuals, the team, brings a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences which inform our projects in unique and unexpected ways. What brings us together is a shared passion for great architecture at a human scale – elegant in form and eminently pragmatic.

At the heart of it, we are problem solvers – preferring to work within contexts and situations with challenging constraints that require innovative approaches to arrive at beautiful, practical and finely crafted solutions. 


Vanessa Fong

B.Sc. (McGill), M.Arch (McGill), OAA, AIBC, LEED AP, MRAIC
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 5


Vanessa is an Ontario Architect and Principal Architect at VFA. A graduate of McGill University with over a decade of architectural experience, Vanessa worked at Quadrangle Architects and RAW Design before establishing her own studio in 2014. Vanessa is also the co-founder and co-owner of FOLD, a co-working space for the architectural, landscape and interior design community.



Our Team


Sherri Newman

B.E.D.S. (Dalhousie), M.Arch (Dalhousie)
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 1

Jovana Plavšić Mandić

B.Arch (Belgrade), M.Arch (Belgrade)
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 2 

Stephanie Au

B.AS (Carleton) M.ARCH (UBC) OAA
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 9


Leonie Otten

B.Sc. (RWTH Aachen), M.Sc. (TU Berlin), Ph.D. (TU Berlin)
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 3

Jackson Senner

Hon.B.A. (UofT), Arch. Technologist Candidate (George Brown)
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 4


Nazanin Mirsharifi

B.Arch (Ryerson)
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 6

Thea Karlavaris
+1 (647) 500 2724 ext 7


Past contributors: Kurtis Chen, Varsha Kumar, Joel Leon, Andrew Mok, Corinna Okura, Tom Provost